When your church plant seems like nothing to you

‘Who of you is left who saw this house in its former glory? How does it look to you now? Does it not seem to you like nothing?
Haggai 2:3

When we planted New Life Church in our living room, almost 5 years ago to the day, we where excited to see what God was going to do. 5 years on and we have our lowest ever membership, we’ve seen people come and go, some for good reasons and others have left under a cloud. We are struggling to recruit workers and we have recently found out that the building we currently meet in, is getting sold.

The possibility that we might have to start meeting in our living room again made me feel like we had failed, like I had failed. I felt that I was doing the work of God, but it wasn’t what I expected, every time I looked at other church plants that were growing and getting their own buildings, I felt a pain and discouragement.

Like the Jews did, when they began to rebuild the temple, I was looking at what we had and thought, this church is nothing. Click To Tweet

Preparing this sermon on Haggai Chapter 2:1-9 reminded me how wrong I was, I hope it encourages you, like it encouraged me. You can listen to it by clicking the link below.

Message: “Great Expectations” from Ian Williamson


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