About Our Church

New Life Church is a Reformed Baptist Church and meets at Ormesby Methodist Church Hall each Sunday at 11:30 am. We also meet daily for prayer, bible studies and fellowship. New Life Church is affiliated to and works in gospel partnership with a number of churches and organisations including the FIEC and the Acts29 networks.

Registered Charity Number: No.1162173


About Our Community

Middlesbrough is a large industrial town situated in the North East of England. It is home to approximately 145,000 people and although 63% identify as being Christian, it is estimated that regular church attendance is around 2.5%.

The churches in the town are few and far between and the majority of churches that do exist, are struggling due to falling church attendance, lack of finances and the failure to attract minister. Many of these churches are preparing to close their doors for good.


About Our Mission

Our Mission is to be 

A local church for local people…

…that plants and supports local churches across the world

A local church

As a local church we desire that our members display the beauty, goodness and mercy of God by living, working, socialising and worshiping in the town.

Local people 

Our mission is to reach the local people with the gospel, to equip them to live godly lives and to train them to reach their potential as future pastors, planters, preachers, gospel workers and disciples of Jesus.

Across the world

Although we are a local church, we are also part of a global church and we aim to partner with other like minded churches and ministries around the world. We will do this through the sharing of knowledge, resources, finances and the hosting and sending mission teams.

This will happen on three levels:




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